Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pictured: Crab the size of a table caught off Welsh coast

An enormous crab the size of a small table has been caught off the Welsh coast.

The Norwegian red king crab measures an astonishing 3ft by 1ft - and weighs in at an incredible 3kg.

The crab, which was caught in Tenby, is a Japanese delicacy and is on selling for a whopping £75 at a fishmongers in Swansea, west Wales.

Fishmonger Adrian Coakley-Greene said: 'Crabs that size are not easy to come by, it has so far proven to be quite an attraction locally.

'You could get a lot of crab soup out of this. It's naturally sweet, which makes it extremely tasty.'

On average, Norwegian red king crabs weigh 4.3kg and are viewed as one of the most outstanding and impressive of the species to serve in restaurants.

The meat is highly versatile and can be steamed, boiled and baked. It can also be served grilled or raw.

The delicacy is popular among the rich and famous and retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges in London are known to import the species for their posh clientele.


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