Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Bristolian:World tallest luxury yatch

On the ideal superyacht, the technology should be as discreet as a good manservant.

Which is exactly what you get with what has been described as the Jeeves of the high seas: the 120ft Bristolian.

The vessel’s lines might lead you to think this lightweight sloop is low tech – but touchscreens around the boat control everything from sails to lighting.

One press raises the mainsail up the 170ft carbon-fibre mast, another opens up a plunge pool on the foredeck.

Is there a finer way to sail the oceans?

1 comment:

johann said...

You are so right. This is something amaaaaazing!

I thought I have seen the best but yeah, I haven't.

I have an old one but I it is enough to make me happy. i love every parts of it, very classic.

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