Monday, February 2, 2009

15 Creatively Funky Floors and Flooring Designs

1.Plastic Flooring as Drawing Surface

2.ResoFloor, High Gloss Floor Panels

3.Elaborately Stenciled Concrete

4.Configurable Floor Cushions with Zippers

5.Giant Floor Stickers as Alternatives to Rugs

6.Modular Wood Flooring System

7.Persian Puzzle Rug

8.Wood Puzzle Flooring

9.LightFader Interactive Illuminated Flooring

10.Modern Colored Parquet Floor

11.Digital Printed Floors

12.Intelligent Carpet Can Determine Age, Sex, Weight

13.Dimension Flooring System

14.Flying Carpet

15.‘Bloody Stairway’ Fluid Carpeting

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