Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stencil Graffiti Artworks that are worth seeing

1. Snort (London, UK)

“after following a white paint trail around the streets of shoreditch it ends up at this stencil. “

2. Do not cross (Copenhagen, Denmark)

3. Maid (London, UK)

4. What Are You Looking At? (London, UK)

5. The Thief(London, UK)

6. Rude Boy Rat(Brighton, UK)

7. iNeed (London, UK)

8. Dead Pedestrian (somewhere in Europe)

9. Banana Therapy (London, UK)

10. I Am Your Father (Melbourne, Australia)

11. E=mc^2 (London, UK)

12. Cut here! (somewhere in the planet Earth)

13. Taking Shower is for Dirty People (Washington, DC, USA)

14. Girl Jumping (Brooklyn, NYC, USA)

15. Ribcage (Paris, France)

16. Killing People is Rude (Chicago, IL, USA)

17. Strange Zebra (Dublin, Ireland)

18. Leopard Escapes (London, UK)

19. Just Back from McDonalds? (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

20. Just Do It! (Lisbon, Portugal)

21. Girl Slide (London, UK)

22. Take That Society (London, UK)

23. Kid and a Boat (London, UK)

24. Art Removed! (Asheville, N Carolina, USA)

25. Weapon of Mass Humiliation (Wellington, New Zeland)

26. The Truth about Capitalism (San Francisco, CA, USA)

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