Friday, June 26, 2009

12 Awesome Chess Sets

1.3d Chess Set

2.Art of War Chess Set

3.3-Way Chess set

4.Lego Chess Set

5.Star War Chess Set

6.Wiggly Chess Set

7.Amorphous Organic Chess Set

8.Good and Evil Chess Set

9.Angels vs Demons Chess Set

10.Wild Animals Chess Set

11.Alice Chess Set

12.Renault F1 Team Chess Set


Unknown said...

NIce Sets

Crimson_Silk said...
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Crimson_Silk said...

Great post! These sets are amazing!

Unknown said...

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Abhi said...

This luxury compartment case has been designed to store various chess sets. Each compartment separates each of the 34 pieces preventing collision and breakage. Beautifully made and can accommodate a set up to a 4.5" King height. chess sets , chess sets

Abhi said...

Great collection and I sure wish I could write stories for these pictures!Look how lovely these are. I wish I could draw like this. I will miss you, my sweet friend. Looking forward to when you're back.I really appreciate all your comments, thank you! I’m back behind my desk and hope to start blogging again and catching up with all your lovely blogs in the coming days.............

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f.paul said...

ChessMaze International the UK's leading chess supplier are not simply another chess retailer. We differ from other chess companies in that we have an in-house team of dedicated designers, constantly pushing the boundaries of excellence in the refinement of existing Staunton chess set designs and creating new exciting chess sets. Our director/Proprietor Carl Miceli is pinnacle in choosing new product lines for the company. His expertise in this field is second to none. Carl meets with the artisans each year to discuss the many facets of new design and making improvements where possible.

Recently ChessMaze has launched a reproduction line of antique chess sets, concentrating on the early John Jaques of London designs, adhering to specific styles and maintaining those exacting standards synonomous with quality chess sets produced in that era.
luxury chess sets and chess boards

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great sets, you can find some other great ones including #5 at best chess sets - gold chess sets


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