Thursday, August 27, 2009

9 Beautiful Creatures Found Under the Sea

High ferocity: Long-Spined Sea Scorpions change colour to disguise themselves so they can ambush their prey

Beady eyed: Snake Pipefish are related to seahorses and are becoming ever more common in British waters

Claws: Fearless scavengers, Velvet Swimming Crabs are so-called because their shells are covered in tiny bristles

Smile please: Tompot Blenny were believed to be extinct in the North Sea until spotted off Weybourne in 2007. They are rarely over 6in long

Little nippler: A common prawn has ten long legs, some of which have claws. At 2.5in, they can live up for five years

Secrets seas: An adult sea slug sits atop a ship wreck hunting for its favourite food - tiny jelly fish

Fancy that: Delicate Peacock Fanworms filter feed with their retractable feathery tentacles

Sticky fingers: Elegant anemones use their stinging tentacles to trap food

Positively glowing: Just half the size of your little finger, the Lightbulb Sea Squirt uses its glass-like clusters to filter seawater and extract plankton

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