Saturday, July 10, 2010

Amazing Shopping Cart Bike

A cool new folding bike design solves the “where do I put my bags?” and “where do I put my bike?” issues of cycling to the store. The Ville, Urban Folding Bicycle features two ample storage baskets and folds into a cart to help you shop.

This bike called “Ville” is an urban folding bicycle designed by Hyuk-Jae Chang. The bike has two storage baskets and folds up from the middle hinge at the touch of a button to become an ideally-sized grocery cart for shopping at the supermarket.

When you’re done shopping, the bags stay in the baskets and you can pedal home. If you live close enough to a store, it really eliminates any excuse to drive instead of ride. It is clear, convenient and enviroment-friendly. Just love it

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