Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18 Awesome Design Made up of Plastic Bags

1.inkuku by Ryan Frank

2.South African crafted chicken ornament

3.Re-Find Handbag

4.Plastic Bag Flower

5.Crocheting with plastic bag

6.Dacca Boots

7.Crocheted Grocery Bag Shoes

8.Plastic bag Bear Sculpture

9.Mandalas from plastic bags

10.Recycled Art Rabbit Redux

11.white trash/repurposed plastic bag dress

12.Plastic Grocery Bags into Knit 1950′s Outift

13.Crotcheted plastic Christmas Stocking

14.Plastic Bag Chair & Pouf

15.Plastic Bag Hand bags and Accessories

16.Recycled Plastic Bag Bangles

17.Fused Plastic Jewelry from Recycled Plastic Bags

18.Plastic sea creatures

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