Wednesday, August 25, 2010

18 Cool and Intresting Bottle Openers

1.HANDLEBAR – stylish way to open your bottles

2.Hop and Pop Bottle Opener

3.Brushed Key Chain Bottle Opener

4.Bike Mounted Bottle Opener

5.Green Guinness Bottle Opener Cap

6.The Wackiest Bikini has a bottle opener built in

7.CITRUSAW – bottle opener with a twist

8.Oxo SteeL Bottle Opener

9.Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener

10.Be Open Beer and Soda Bottle Opener

11.Jokari Beverage Opener, 3 in 1

12.Jimmy Keyring + Bottle Opener

13.Bull Bottle Opener

14.Redman the HoldUp

15.Ring Thing

16.Sigg Outdoor Cutlery Set

17.Vitamin Living Fang Openers

18.Unusual Bottle opener

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Michael Jovn said...

If you love to drink wine, you need good opener! Check this


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