Saturday, August 7, 2010

World's Biggest Foods 22 pics

1.World's Biggest Bagel

2.World's Biggest Burrito

3.World's Biggest Sandwich

4.World's Biggest Sushi

5.World's Biggest Bowl Of Tabbouleh

6.World's Biggest Ice Cream Sundae

7.World's Biggest Cheese Cake

8.World's Biggest Cheese

9.World's Biggest Codfish Stew

10.World's Biggest Fish Taco

11.World's Biggest Gingerbread House

12.World's Biggest Lollipop

13.World's Biggest Meatball

14.World's Biggest Cake

15.World's Biggest Hot Dog

16.World's Biggest Cheese Burger

17.World's Biggest Cup Cake

18.World's Biggest Mozzarella Stick

19.World's Biggest Nachos

20.World's Biggest Pizza

21.World's Biggest Ice Cream Cake

22.World's Biggest Food Fight

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