Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cool Wooden Cases for iPhone

Beautiful wooden cases designed for iPhone owners who love photography.

Made out of sustainable bamboo and walnut, Camera iPhone Cases use natural strength of wood to protect the phone. Intricate laser engraved designs help create the look and feel of a classic camera.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amazing Rock Restaurant in Tanzania

Amazing seafood restaurant is located on a rock near the Michanwi Pingwe beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Customers of the Rock Restaurant are able to eat delicious food on the terrace and enjoy beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful £3,000 Wooden Hobbit house

Fed up with huge mortgage payments, Simon Dale decided to take matters into his own hands – literally.
Armed with only a chisel, a chainsaw and a hammer, the 32-year-old moved his family to a hillside in Wales and started digging.
The result is a wooden eco-home – constructed in four months and costing just £3,000 – which would look perfectly at ease alongside the Hobbit houses in The Lord Of The Rings.

Mr Dale, who has no experience in carpentry or architecture, created his sustainable family home using scrap wood for floors, materials scavenged from skips and by diverting water from a nearby spring.
And while he was doing the building work, his wife Jasmine Saville and their two toddler children camped in the nearby countryside.

Woodland home: Simon Dale, with wife Jasmine Saville and their two children outside their home, just four months after starting work

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unusual Wooden Cloud Shaped House

Unusual wooden cabin designed by Bruit du Frigo looks like a white cloud.

Amazing house serves as an art installation and a shelter for up to seven people. Travelers can reserve the cabin and stay overnight for free.

Constructed by Zebra3, the Cloud is located in Lormont, France.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who says money doesn't grow on trees?Awesome Coins mysteriously appear in Trunk

They say money doesn't grow on trees.
But it certainly appears to do so on the mysterious coin-studded trunks dotted around the UK's woodland.
The strange phenomenon of gnarled old trees with coins embedded all over their bark has been spotted on trails from the Peak District to the Scottish Highlands.

The coins are usually knocked into felled tree trunks using stones by passers-by, who hope it will bring them good fortune.
These fascinating spectacles often have coins from centuries ago buried deep in their bark and warped by the passage of time.
The tradition of making offerings to deities at wishing trees dates back hundreds of years, but this combination of the man-made and the natural is far more rare.

It used to be believed that divine spirits lived in trees, and they were often festooned with sweets and gifts - as is still done today at Christmas.
The act is reminiscent of tossing money into ponds for good luck, or the trend for couples to attach 'love padlocks' to bridges and fences to symbolise lasting romance.
Some pubs, such as the Punch Bowl in Askham, Cumbria, have old beams with splits in them into which coins are forced for luck.

There are seven felled tree trunks with coins pushed into them in the picturesque village of Portmeirion, in Wales.
Meurig Jones, an estate manager at the tourist destination, told the BBC: 'We had no idea why it was being done when we first noticed the tree trunk was being filled with coins.
'I did some detective work and discovered that trees were sometimes used as "wishing trees" .

'In Britain it dates back to the 1700s - there is one tree in Scotland somewhere which apparently has a florin stuck into it.'
He said that a sick person could press a coin into a tree and their illness would go away.
'If someone then takes the coin out though, it's said they then become ill.'

'We haven't publicised it at all, it's just happened,' he added. 'It's quite amazing really.'
In Scotland, there is also a legend about a kissing tree. If a young man could drive a nail into a tree with one blow, he earned a kiss from his sweetheart.
Yoko Ono has used wishing trees in her artwork, and in 1877 Queen Victoria wrote about visiting an oak tree with coins stuck in it in the Highlands.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet Taiwan Noodle House

Taiwan Noodle House restaurant was designed by Golucci International Design and is located in Beijing, China. The place has an original interior and consists of a single large dining room, where people are not separated in any way. Thousands of plates were used as decorating items on the focal wall, creating a really traditional atmosphere. Almost the entirety of the restaurant furniture is made of finely polished woods, thus creating a sense of comfort for visitors. For me, the most part of I love is the design of hanging chopsticks, such creative idea.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amazing Cave House Design by Ensamble Studio

Unique house designed by Ensamble Studio looks like a cave equipped with modern bed, sink, shower, and a fireplace.

The exterior was made out of concrete and the interior volume was created using stacks of hay. It took one year for a cow named Paulina to eat all the hay and empty the cave. Truffle house is located in Laxe, Spain.


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