Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ATHLETICISM FISHERMEN : Incredible Way to Catch Fish With Spears

Are you fishermen?or you like fishing?This fishermen Shows his effort how he catch the fish with using unique technique and with the help of spears. With perfect precision, this spear fisherman leaps into the air in a spectacular display of a bizarre spear hunting technique. The fisherman shows off his incredible skill on the Loyalty Islands Province in New Caledonia where the sea clan live almost entirely on fish and other sea creatures. However, despite the odd way of catching his food, fisherman Albert is just showing a normal way of life on the islands in the south west Pacific Ocean.
Fly fishing: Spear fisherman Albert uses perfect precision to catch fish in this idyllic location on an island in New Caledonia.
Catch of the day: Albert shows off his spear and what he can catch on the island where people live almost entirely on fish and other sea creatures.
Unique technique: Local fisherman jump with precision in a way not seen anywhere else says photographer Stephane Ducandas.
A hunter's patience: Albert looks down into the water, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on his prey.
Proud catch: A local shows off a caught fish as another throws out a fishing net in the Loyalty Islands Province.
A moment in paradise: A local boy relaxes in the sun by the crystal clear waters where fisherman catch food for their sea clan.
Seaside stroll: A local woman walks along the amazing coastline.
Nature calling: A local using a sea shell in the shallows on the island in the south west of the Pacific Ocean.

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