Friday, November 9, 2012

Awesome Postman Pet: Courier deliveries with a cat companian on his shoulder

A mailman has taken inspiration from popular children’s cartoon Postman Pat – carrying out his deliveries with a cat companion. Rudi Saldia rides with cat MJ perched on his shoulder, much to the surprise and joy of fellow road users. The 25-year-old bike courier and his six-month-old kitten deliver parcels all across their home town of Philadelphia and hope to manage 100 mile rides in less than a year.
MJ, short for Mary Jane, is definitely not like other cats. Born in a closet drawer in Rudi’s bedroom on April Fools, she had an unusual start, and after Rudi discovered her favourite spot to rest was his shoulders he decided to train her to accompany him to work. Rudi, a courier for IDS, said: ‘MJ is my first cat and a friend said I could train her - so I got her to sit on my shoulder.’
Having previously allowed his pet Sugar Gliders to ride on his shoulder, Rudy wanted to see how MJ would fare. ‘The first day we managed one block. The next day we managed two blocks and now we can do around 25 miles with her on my shoulder. ‘MJ enjoys the wind rushing through her fur and she moves around from shoulder to shoulder.’
Not satisfied with a mere 25 miles, Rudy hopes that he will be able to do 100 miles with MJ by next September. ‘People don't know what to make of it - they always do a double-take. ‘I don't get to see most reactions. When I do hear people yell, I typically hear "Oh my God, he has a cat on his shoulder! That's so cute". ‘People always come up and want to pet her and are blown away by the fact she arrived via bicycle. ‘MJ is so comfortable on my shoulder she never uses her claws. My shoulder and back are scratch free.’
Just like their animated predecessors Postman Pat and Jesse the Cat, Rudi and MJ are inseparable and only Rudi and his girlfriend are allowed to hold her. 'When I come home she greets me at the door and I throw her on my shoulder and walk her up three flights of stairs to my bedroom.'. British animated children's show Postman Pat chronicles the adventures of mailman in the fictional village of Greendale where he delivers post accompanied by his black-and-white cat Jess.

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