Monday, November 12, 2012

Awesome Tiny Origami of Iconic Spaceships And Characters

Martin Hunt, 32, moulds 10inch squares or rectangles of Japanese foil using tweezers - and 'a lot of patience'. Among the origami models are Hans Solo's ship the Millennium Falcon, Imperial cruisers and robot R2D2.
Iconic robots and spaceships from the Star Wars films have been recreated in paper through an art form known as 'Starwarigami'.
Each one is meticulously folded by the father-of-one his home in Ealing, London, which is littered with his creations.
And they have proved such a hit, the Londoner is now planning to produce a book so fellow fanatics can create their own paper His simplest model, a Naboo Starfighter, can be folded in just 15 minutes - but the more complex R2-D2 takes a painstaking two-and-a-half hours.
Martin, a software engineer, said: 'I have taken an ancient art form and taken it to a galaxy far, far away. 'Most can't believe they are all made from a single sheet of paper with not cuts - they also question my sanity and patience to be able to fold them, but the reactions are resoundingly impressed for the most part. 'This is something that parents can share with their children and both enjoy.'
'In theory anyone can do this, but in practice a reasonable experience with origami is helpful.' And Star Wars fanatic Martin is looking forward to the latest instalment of the franchise, announced by Disney. Martin added: 'I'm looking forward to them as much as any big blockbuster movie - I'm all for popcorn escapism, and in a way it's awesome that the Star Wars universe can be handed on to another generation again.'

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