Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beautiful Art Installation: This Amazing Art Created With Hundred of Toilet Rolls

The beauty in a piece of art may be subjective, but these installations can safely be labelled pretty loo-py. Turkish artist Sakir Gökçebağ used hundreds of toilet rolls in creating his paper installations displayed at a gallery in Germany. The toilet rolls are sprawled across walls or hung elaborately from plinths to ‘bring beauty to the everyday’ in big, flowing pieces of art.
Sakir Gökçebağ, based in Hamburg, began the project, called Trans-Layers, after being inspired by ordinary objects which we overlook in our everyday lives. The 47-year-old started his career in Turkey in the early nineties, but relocated to Germany in 1995. The prizewinning artist has exhibited across Europe and is famous for his unconventional sculptures made from broken umbrellas, coat hangers and old brooms. Mr Gökçebağ says he is inspired by making 'normal objects' beautiful and 'finding the poetry in the everyday'.

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