Friday, November 9, 2012

Stunning Scenes Made up of Sweets,Chocolate And Cheese

A word of warning - don't try and enjoy this art if you're hungry in case you end up trying to devour some of the work. The 'Willy Wonka' of art has created some stunning scenes based around sweet treats, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and more, for a new book. Foodscape photographer Carl Warner, 47, is publishing 'A World of Food' which includes a Parisian boulevard made of cheese, a candy cottage and a forest of cucumbers.
Mr Warner, who works out of a London studio, said the new pieces were aimed at encouraging healthier eating among younger children - although some of the art involves naughtier options. 'I use my work as a vehicle to get kids to think about what they are eating,' he said. 'Kids will look at a pile of chips and tomato sauce and go ‘yummy yummy’.
'But show them a pile of asparagus and they will go "eurgh, yucky green food". It is almost like colour prejudice for food. But make asparagus become a rocket or turrets on a castle and it makes it much more engaging for them.' Mr Warner, who compares his work to Willy Wonka’s creations in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starts work by drawing his ideas on paper.
He then buys the produce and spends between one and three days assembling it with the help of pins and superglue. He then photographs it layer after layer from the foreground to the background and assembles them into one image in post-production. Mr Warner, who was born in Liverpool, said the work rekindled the ‘childhood imagination’ in adults. However, he said it had also resulted in a lot of unpleasant emails accusing him of ‘wasting food when children are starving’.

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