Friday, November 30, 2012

World's Fastest Chip Wrapper

A chip shop worker has won a Guinness World Record title for being the fastest at wrapping chips. Speedy Steph Celik packed five 350g bags - with added salt and vinegar - in just 58 seconds. The mother-of seven beat the previous record by two seconds to earn a place in the Guinness World Records. Her successful attempt came during filming for CBBC show Officially Amazing, to be aired in March. Steph, 32, said: 'It started as a bit of craziness.
'I had the idea of giving it a go and suggested it to my boss. She liked it and it all went from there. Steph has worked at the Blue Whale fish and chip shop, in Maltby, South Yorkshire, on and off for 19 years. She began honing her skills to speed up the process of serving customers. 'I don't like waiting in a queue myself, so if I don't find it very amusing I don't think anyone else would,' she said. 'Someone had already attempted this record, so I needed to do all five bags of chips in under 60 seconds. 'I think I knew straight away that I'd managed it. 'A few customers have pointed out how quick I am, but others don't really care as long as they're fed.'
Enjoying her 'claim to fame', Steph said she couldn't have smashed the world record without the help of her collegues. 'I've been doing it for a while. We work well as a team in the shop, like a big family unit,' she said. 'It's nice and busy, we don't get many complaints. 'The customers are well looked after and they go home happy. 'It felt amazing after I got the record, and it's been crazy since. 'But this is my moment of madness, my claim to fame.' Shop owner Nikki Avgousti said: 'Steph's done really well and we're proud of her. 'She suggested it, we liked the idea and she went and did it. 'Customers have been congratulating her. 'Everyone here is pretty quick so we were wondering who might be the fastest and Steph showed us she is.'

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