Friday, November 23, 2012

World's Largest Camel Market

These atmospheric shots of herders and their camels trekking across the desert appear to hark back to a time before technology and industrialisation - but the images are actually of the world's largest camel fair still held every year in the middle of the Indian desert. Hundreds of herders descend upon Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan for the five-day annual camel and livestock fair. The Pushkar Fair, also known as the Pushkar ka Mela, is held on the banks of Pushkar Lake every November at the time of the Kartik Purnima full moon.
The epic spectacle attracts 300,000 people and up to 20,000 camels, cattle and horses. The event, which sees tough bartering over livestock, has also become a major tourist attraction in recent years with a fair football match between the locals and visitors. A camel race starts off the festival followed by music performances and tough competitions such as the 'matka phod' meaning 'longest moustache' and a 'bridal competition'. While the herders deal livestock, many shoppers attend to visit the stalls of clothes and textiles.

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