Monday, November 5, 2012

World's Smallest Dog

A tiny terrier - the same size as a coke can - is vying to be declared the world's smallest dog. Little Meysi is 7cm tall, 12cm long and weighs just 0.55lb (250g) – only slightly heavier than a hamster. The dog, three months old, is not expected to become much bigger - when Meysi was born she was a miniscule 0.01lb (45g).
Despite her minuscule frame, she is described as a small dog with a big personality. 'Meysi is not afraid of strangers and is always ready for play,” said owner Anna Pohl, 35. 'She plays with lots of energy – lots more than is suitable for such a tiny body. 'She has a typical terrier's character and is brave. She is also fleet-footed and fast.'
Meysi was so small at birth that Anna, of Jarocin, Poland, mistook her for a piece of placenta. She was about to drop her in the bin but then realised it was a ‘tiny living doggie’. Anna, who works in a beauty salon for pets, spent almost every hour over the next few days battling to keep Meysi alive. The minuscule puppy was unable to get milk from her mother because her four siblings – which weighed three times more – kept barging her out of the away.
Her weight dropped to 40g and the situation was critical until Anna decided to try feeding her with a syringe. It worked and three months later, Meysi is ‘strong and healthy’. She is still too small to play with her brothers and sisters and instead interacts with Anna, her husband Tomasz, son Dawid, 17, and daughter Angelika, 10. She particularly likes Angelika and loves to 'chew and lick her nose'.
However, the family have to be very wary where they walk and sit to avoid crushing her. Anna says there is nothing genetically wrong with Meysi and wants her crowned as the World's Smallest Dog. She has contacted Guinness World Records but they have said Meysi can only be officially registered once she is 12 months old. The current record holder is Boo Hoo, a Chihuahua from Kentucky, USA, who is 4ins tall and has held the record since 2007.

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