Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 Animals With Incredible Teeth

1.The Squid That Grew Human Teeth.
2.The Jawless Animal Who Won The “Sharpest Teeth of All Time” Award.
3.The Dragonfish That Grows Teeth On Its Tongue.
4.The Prehistoric Shark With Teeth Over Half a Foot Long.
5.The Animal With The Most Teeth And The Least Limbs.
6.The Fish That Can Rip A Cow To Shreds In Seconds.
7.The Venomous Snakes Who Store Poison In Their Fangs.
8.The Whales Who Have Hair Where Their Teeth Should Be.
9.The Sheepshead Has Human-Like Teeth On The Roof Of Its Mouth.
10.The Animal With Teeth That Grow Like Trees.

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