Saturday, October 29, 2016

Amazing Sculptures Sliced Into The NIB Of A Pencil By Nebraska Based Artist Cindy Chinn

 Nebraska-based Artist Cindy Chinn

The incredible carvings take hours to complete - dogs can eight hours to carve, giraffes take up to 12 hours and each tree up to three hours.
She said: "I have never broken a carving halfway through, they always break in the ninth or tenth hour of carving! "Once I have carved something a couple or even a few times,

I don't tend to break them anymore because I have found the order that it needs to be carved in. As she has not found micro tools small enough to suit her needs, Chinn creates her own carving tools from awls and small screwdrivers.

Dolphin made up of NIB of a Pencil Sculpture.

Giraffes made up of NIB of a pencil sculpture.

Delicate nature of the work/Train made up of a NIB of a pencil sculpture made on pencil.

Dog madeup of a NIB of a pencil sculpture.

Dolphins diving into a pencil.

A tiny dog carved into the nib of a pencil.

A herd of elephants in the body of a pencil.

Art Whitton, Cindy's photographer, has also had to perfect his art to perfectly capture the minute detail of Chinn's sculptures.

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